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KIDZ Alive: Not Your Normal VBS

Every summer, churches around the country offer Vacation Bible School (VBS). They have crazy themes and music from a CD or a video. There is elaborate decorations, staging and even costumed characters. Kids have tons of fun, maybe even learn something about Jesus, make new friends, and well, get a lot of energy out. And… Continue reading KIDZ Alive: Not Your Normal VBS

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Age-ing to Sage-ing

For some, or many, of us, we have been taught “scarcity thinking” rather than “abundance thinking.” Scarcity thinking teaches us that we never have enough and that we are never enough.  Have you ever heard or said, “I don’t have enough time,” “I don’t have enough money,” “I’m not good enough” or “I am not… Continue reading Age-ing to Sage-ing

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11 Then God said, “Let the earth put forth vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees of every kind on earth that bear fruit with the seed in it.” And it was so. 12 The earth brought forth vegetation: plants yielding seed of every kind, and trees of every kind bearing fruit with the seed in it.… Continue reading Roots